Transitional-Vocational Program

Transitional-Vocational Program

The Transitional-Vocational Program provides placement for teenagers aged sixteen years of age through adulthood in preparation for working and interacting in adult environments with as great a degree of independence as possible. A continuum of training and placement opportunities are available in order to accommodate individual interests, strengths, abilities and cognitive levels.








Components of the Transitional-Vocational Program include:


  • Social-interaction skills at school, home, at work and in the community
  • Stress management
  • Self-control
  • Understanding and responding appropriately to criticism, sarcasm and teasing
  • Practicing flexibility in response to changes


  • Development of positive work attitudes
  • Development of attention to task through completion
  • Following multi-step oral and written directions
  • Appropriate hygiene, grooming and attire
  • Responsibility
  • Real life problem solving skills

Activities of Daily Living

  • Money skills and management
  • Transportation skills
  • Food preparation
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Recreation and leisure skills
  • Health education
  • Communication skills

Vocational Skill

  • Training and practice of theory, vocabulary and skills needed for specific job placements.


  • Vocational skills and interests assessment
  • Job sampling
  • Supported Employment
  • Consultation to Employees